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If your VISA EZChek Card or VISA Credit Card has been lost or stolen, please click here.

Today there's only one card you need to make purchases worldwide, the State Bank of Cerro Gordo's VISA EZChek ™ card. Now anywhere you see the VISA (or Cirrus, NYCE or Plus) symbols, you can use your VISA EZChek™ card instead of cash, checks or credit cards.

Why Use The VISA EZChek™ Card?

It is a quick and easy way to pay for purchases or services and have them deducted directly from your checking account. You won't have to write a check, just use your VISA EZChek™ card. It is accepted like a credit card anywhere VISA is accepted. Plus, you get a receipt for your records.

What Are My Added Conveniences?

  • Quicker than writing a check. No other identification is needed.
  • Worldwide acceptance. The VISA EZChek™ card is accepted at places where your personal checks are not.
  • No interest payments. Use your VISA EZChek™ card at your favorite restaurant or gas station and pay in full as you go.
  • Shop by phone. With your VISA EZChek™ card, you can simply call in your order and give them your card number.
  • Peace of mind. In an emergency, you're covered.
  • Safety. Additional cash is as close as the nearest ATM machine.
  • Detailed transactions on your monthly account statement. Keep your purchase receipts and compare for easy record keeping.
  • View your VISA EZChek card transactions using eTouch24.
  • Zero liability. If your card is lost or stolen, and charges are made on your account without your knowing, you are covered by the "Zero Liability Policy."  The bank will give you provisional credit pending further investigation of the case.

The State Bank of Cerro Gordo VISA EZChek™ Card, it's fast, simple to use and saves you time. Spend your time doing the things you enjoy. And don't forget your VISA EZChek™ card when you go!

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  • CGB Yellow
  • CGB Broncos Orange
  • CGB Beach
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  • CGB Farm

VISA Credit Card

  • Pick up your application at State Bank of Cerro Gordo.
  • To view your VISA Credit Card statement online, enroll at

VISA QuikCard

  • VISA QuikCards, the State Bank of Cerro Gordo's VISA gift cards, make a great gift for birthdays, graduations, employee gifts, holidays, or any other special occasions! 
  • A $25.00 - $249.00 credit amount costs $3.95/card for customers and $4.95/card for non-customers.  A credit amount of $250.00-$500.00 is $4.95/card for customers and $5.95/card for non-customers.
  • This is a one-time loadable card.