This new technology will change the way you use your card at point of sale. 

Here is what State Bank of Cerro Gordo VISA EZChek Card holders (debit card holders) should know:

· When you upgrade to EMV chip card technology and the merchant is EMV equipped, you will insert your card into the card reader as opposed to swiping it. Machines equipped with EMV technology prompt you to insert your EMV card into the EMV chip card reader if swiped. 

· You will have the option of debit using your PIN or credit.

· We suggest you upgrade now.  Should you choose not to upgrade now, when your current debit card expires the new card mailed to you will contain EMV chip technology.

Why EMV is Important Right Now

Criminals use stolen credentials to create a false card to impersonate the actual card.      

Through combined efforts between merchants and banks issuing and processing cards with EMV chip technology, we are joining the fight against debit and credit card fraud.

For your protection we now carry VISA EZChek (Debit) Cards with EMV chip technology.  For your convenience, we encourage you to call ahead or email us for card replacement.