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Posted 04/08/2019

If you have a State Bank of Cerro Gordo VISA EZChek Card, utilize smsGuardian, our Check Card Transaction alert system. smsGuardian will send you a text every time your check card is used. Click here to enroll.

While this is a complimentary service, terms and conditions may apply depending on your cell plan.  Click here to learn more about smsGuardian Text Alert service.

Posted 04/08/2019

It's as easy as taking a picture and sending it to us. Take advantage of our complimentary remote deposit service today!  Click here for more information.

Posted 04/08/2019

EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard, and VISA.  These are the three companies who developed the new standard for all debit and credit cards globally, and the U.S. is transitioning at the current time to the updated, more secure type of card. 

So what makes EMV technology more secure?  It’s a chip that is embedded inside the new cards.  But to understand this, let’s first discuss how current card technology functions.  The black stripe on the back of cards is called the magnetic stripe.  When you swipe your card, the magnetic stripe data is then obtained by the merchant in order to charge your account the total of your purchases.  This magnetic stripe data remains the same each time you swipe your card. 

With EMV technology, cards contain a chip that creates a unique data identifier when swiped.  This unique identifier changes every time you insert your card, in turn making it harder for criminals to replicate your card information.